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We originally had this crazy idea to find a private guitar teacher for my then-2nd grade daughter just to bridge the gap over the summer between group guitar classes at her school, but Lawrence Paul turned out to be so much more than a bridge (and I regret I ever thought of music lessons in that way). Long before the new school year started, we had already decided to stick with his 1:1 lessons based on how much she gets out of individual instruction. Now six months into it, my daughter has been loving guitar and learning more than I had ever expected–chords, plucking, reading notes, learning music nomenclature, understanding beats and timing. From these, she can do a bit of sightreading and gets a kick out of being able to accompany songs she already knows.

Mr. Paul is above all, patient, and teaches at both her guitar level and age level, though I’m impressed with the variety of levels/ages of his other students, and how long many of them have been studying with him. When there are difficult rhythms or finger positions, I see how he models for her, gives her feedback, praises the success but never belittles her struggles or belabors difficult parts. His suggestions gives her something to work on during practice at home. I see progress week by week. 

There’s rarely a complaint about having to go to guitar lessons. with Mr. Paul. Now among my daughter’s choices of “what I want to be when I grow up,” I hear “guitar player” sneak into the options.

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5.0 star rating
5.0 star rating


Lawrence is a highly professional and versatile guitar instructor who
connects very well with beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.  He
is very adept at teaching the essential skills of sight-reading music and
playing in-time.  He also offers additional group lessons to encourage
students to perform in duet, trio, and rock band settings in order to
provide a fun and engaging positive learning experience and promote a better
appreciation of musicianship.   He offers private music theory instruction
as well  to those who might be interested in learning the mechanics of
four-part harmony and chord progressions.

I have studied classical, rock/blues guitar and music theory with Lawrence
for over 13 years and have greatly improved my musicianship and
understanding of musical concepts.

He is a very good teacher who knows how to help students build their musical
skills and impart confidence

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